The Lumiball

ballThe two-piece constuction with its 432 dimples and its Ionomer Cover is best to be charged with the LUMICHARGER or a strong torch. Once charged correctly the ball will glow for roundabout 5-10 minutes. In this time frame, the ball is exellently to be seen and will be seen for another 3-4 hours while slowly glimming down if not recharged. Therefore there is no risk to loose the ball while blinking for limited 3-4 minutes. Its rather comfortable to play the glowing ball. One will not be irritated by a blinking ball that hurts your nervs. A Lumiball can be recharged as often as you like without loosing its glowing power. Ball weight: 45,5g and compression: 85
To demonstrate the lack of glowing power, we compared three different pictures:

The Lumicharger

charger With the special UV-Led-torch Lumicharger, which fits in every pocketbag, you can perfectly charge the Lumiball and achieve a maximum of glowing power. The time for charging amounts up to 10 seconds. Thanks to the LED technology the need of electricity is very low. This guarentees long living batteries which are included in our delivery.

Technical data:
Length - 155mm
Diameter - 26mm / 19mm
Weight - 87 Gramm incl. Battery ( 2x AA 1,5V )
Battery Life - approx. 50 hours



Marc Spangenberger - Golflounge Hamburg:
"The balls are still the best thing I know in the market for the purpose "