...turns the night into day. We distribute luminescent night golf balls and are mainly supplier for golfers, golf clubs and sports stores. But also private customers will get their Lumiball in the shops linked on this site. The two-piece construction fulfills all tournament requirements. For the best glowing result we recommend the "Lumicharger", a special UV-LED-torch which is also distributed by us.

With our Lumiball, you now can ease start a late round without making any mind about the darkness. When the days are getting shorter and the nights getting longer, do you realy want to be without your regulary game of golf? We have the stuff to to make you independent of day- and nighttime.

Beside the hardware like Lumiball and Lumicharger we also offer organization and realization of nightgolf events. Be assured to have found an excellent partner. We aim to guarantee total customer care.

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